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Restaurant labels

Ecological labels lead to greater consumption of products that are better for the environment, by simply providing environmental impact information at the right time for consumers that are already looking to do the right thing. And they work in restaurants too!

Our labels


We designed our menu labels according to convey 3 key messages:

  •  Food has high environmental impacts. How high? We show the numbers!

  •  This is not only CO2, but also land use water pollution, plastic packaging...

  •  Through selecting different meals, there is huge scope for improvement.

Terra score


Our Terra score is a family of labels that provides the customer with the right amount of information for the situation, with 3 variants to choose from:

1.0 - White chocolate f.png
1.0 - White chocolate.png
1.0 - White chocolate fd.png

ABCDE Menu Labels


Our ABCDE Menu Labels, are based on the popular Eco-Score. These provide a simply but effective score that customers can easily relate to.


Why not just bio or vegan?


There are labels such as organic (bio) or vegan, which represent more responsible ways of farming. However two organic  or two vegan products can still have very different environmental impacts. For this reason, we believe in conveying the quantity of pollution produced by the item.

Our service


We can provide your restaurant with labels quickly and with minimal effort. Since our launch in 2023, we already provide labels in 12 restaurant branches. Coming in 2024, restaurants will also be findable for our users through our mobile application, and you will be able to edit your profile and add meals there. If you would like to give it a go, please contact and we will demo our labelling on 5 of your recipes for free.

Our data


Our data is sourced from Agribalyse, ADEME's agricultural database. This measures the typical impact of a food item at each stage from farm to consumption and waste.


Scoring method


To give a recipe a colour, we produce a single score which represents the combined impacts of the meal, using the EU's PEF method. For the ABCDE Menu Label, we use the points-based system recommended by Eco-score.

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