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For Schools

We make school meals healthy for the present and future.

We create a report showing the nutrient contents and ecological impacts of each meal, a summary of which is best and worst, and suggestions for changes. With our menu reports, schools can easily alter their cafeteria menus where change is most needed.

We provide colour-coded stickers with the CO₂ emissions and nutritional and environmental scores for each meal. These make it fun and easy for students to compare meals as they make their selections.

We provide materials for a fun one hour lesson to a group of students, aged 10 to 13: "Food unwrapped: finding the footprints of food." This explains the link between food choices and health and the ecosystem.


Our services are designed so that our scores can help steer improvements in school menus,  making them healthier and more sustainable. 




Vintage Cookbook

Step 1 - Collecting

You fill out our file with the ingredients used in the restaurant. 


Step 2 - Scoring

We score your meals, in terms of how healthy and environmentally friendly they are, using our proprietary software.


Step 3 - Report

We send our menu report, with meal scores, a summary and suggestions for alternative meals and ingredients.

Bar Chart

Step 6 - Results

A few weeks after eco scoring has begun, if you have been tracking the change in meal consumption, we offer a follow-up report, showing how much the school improved.

Instant Photo Poster

Step 5 - Poster

We provide a poster for display in the cafeteria, giving context to the scores that  have appeared.

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Step 4 - Labels

We provide stickers with the CO₂ equivalents, as well as eco- and nutri-scores of the meals, for the restaurant staff to put on the menu.

The Process

Working with nonprofits

Food is a massive topic for nonprofits in the educational space, as we seek to solve a healthy eating crisis alongside climate change. With more and more programs aimed to improve the school menu, we believe that by answering the questions “how much can we / will we / did we improve?”, Ecobite will can a powerful force in improving school meal planning in Belgium and beyond. We are eager to collaborate with other organisations to help realise this vision.

Do you want to introduce your students to their foodprints?

Contact us and we will explain what menu data we require to get started with scoring your school meals!

If your school offers meals to people from outside the school, we can also discuss putting your restaurant into our app in the future.

Image by Isabella and Zsa Fischer
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