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Let's lower the carbon footprint of food together!


Track your carbon footprint and label your meals. We calculate ecological and health scores for all of your meals, you can use these to check how your offering performs, and add the labels to your menu.


We create a report showing the nutrient contents and ecological impacts of each meal, a summary of which is best and worst, and suggestions for changes to strengthen your menu offering.


We provide colour-coded icons with the CO₂ emissions and nutritional and environmental scores for each meal. These can be provided as images or as stickers, depending on the medium of communication.


We supply a poster to introduce customers to the labels. It has a QR code that customers can scan for more information.

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Step 1 - Collecting

You send us your own-format recipe data or fill out our file.


Step 2 - Scoring

We calculate the nutrition and environmental impact of your meals.


Step 3 - Report

We send our menu report, with a summary of the meal scores.


Step 6 - Menu Changes

We offer to continue our partnership for whenever your menu changes.

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Step 5 - Poster

We provide a poster, giving context to the scores that appeared in the restaurant.

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Step 4 - Labels

We provide labels with the CO₂ equivalents, as well as ABCDE scores of the meals,  that can be put on the menu.

The Process

Interested in eco scoring your offering? 

Contact us and we will explain what menu data we require to get started with scoring your meals!

Thanks for submitting!

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