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Forest camping

Ecobite arose from a shared wish for a world where we make decisions in consideration of our climate impact. Given the understated impact of food, and growing market for alternatives, we believe that here there is enormous potential for action. We aim to communicate impact data of food to the public in the most useful way possible.


Minimum effort integrations

We want to open up climate communication to restaurants that don't have the money for expensive software, or the time to manually input their menu data. We currently achieve this by reading their preexisting recipe files, and we are developing add on software for the systems that restaurants already use.


Customer driven labelling

For an environmental label, we believe the best style is the one that the supplier and their customers prefer. We therefore provide a choice of label styles, which restaurants may customise to match their brand. We continuously improve our labels by assessing customer sentiment and purchasing patterns.


Whole impact

The environmental impacts of agriculture go far beyond global warming, including the use of land, water and chemicals. To avoid any miscommunications, we strive to  describe all the impacts of food over the full life cycle. We transparently follow the best practices to estimate and display the full impacts of food.


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